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This episode

1. US Mid Term Rip Off – AGAIN
2. Trudeau – Doesn’t show up for Remembrance day but will show for A US Drag SHOW!!!
3. Canadian Taxpayers Federation amazing presentation in parliament! Great Job!!
4. Vax booster shot side effects continued!
5. More Ukraine propaganda

And more please like and share and send us your videos of any side effects from the boosters for an upcoming show. Thank you!

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Todays topics include: 1 Update on Canada's federal governments' overreach against the peaceful protects in Ottawa and if the Liberal caucus will oust Leader Justin Trudeau 2. Update on World Economic forum and the agenda of population control 3. EU Vaccine hearings 4. Ukraine updates 5. Gr Fauchi spoof - funny or real? 6. Halloween is coming! Former China PM removed - A must Watch!!
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