The Venturi Effect


 Be the wind …

           When airflow is suddenly confronted by large structures in built up urban environments it inevitably seeks the narrower passages. The airflow in that existing space experiences a pressure decline, and, once inside that same barrier, the velocity of it rises; creating countless natural eddying venturis. . . because nature abhors a vacuum.  The tampered air now unwittingly possesses the clinging particles of whatever detritus it contacted, and reforms beyond – either enriched or sullied by that which it has caressed and touched.                                                

 …be the vacuum.

        Apply this to anything in nature: the stream blocked by rubble which forms the pond, the blowing snow interrupted by the tree which forms the drift, yet which leaves that magical, clean annulus at the trunk base, the crackling, trodden, dry twig which interrupts a woods chatter to form silence.

        The formed pond will eventually overflow with developing eddies which feed the main flow from the ambient, the drift tapers and diminishes from the tree to the clearing, and the silence cautiously remanifests into an excitement larger than its initial chatter . . . only to taper back to the norm.

      I strongly hold that every individual is a point of perception (per David Icke) and that each individual, from birth, experiences the progression, through experience, of the stream, the drift and the chatter. I also hold (and admit) that, in every written piece, the author is expressing his or her own life’s perceptions as they see them after they have escaped the eddy and have come into the flow. The eddy has adhered them to influences and those same influences never leave them as they are inexorably drawn into the main flow. The flow is faster moving, yet it allows them a place to be in which they cautiously feel out how their own perceptions fit into the scheme of things. The more perceptive of the flow will accelerate midstream, and on their journey to the next pond, drift or woods, they form an awareness of their held influences and form a keen sense of what the next obstruction might hold- and how it might be navigated. In the fullness of time, they might just pass on their accounts to those still in the eddy. What they pass on is experience – or what many have labelled as wisdom.

        It is my humbled intention therefore, to pass on what little wisdom I have been able to accumulate in my 67 years to any dwellers of the eddy, drift or woods, so they might better recognize the flow for what it is, and decide if they might navigate using the proven quadrant or compass of surrendered experience.

      In prevailing times, I might start with my own father, his beer, his pals and his war.


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