In My Pocket

Have you ever met one of those rare and welcomed individuals who always like to pre-pay for goods or services rendered before or immediately upon receipt of whatever it is they have purchased? Those folks who don’t quite dress the part, but who usually pay in the current coin of the realm? Those wierdo’s you would least expect to have money from any realm or in any substantial quantity at all?

Rare and strange. But a form of force majeure, nonetheless – and generally much appreciated.

So appreciated in fact, that the old saw ‘Cash Is King’ can sometimes be heard uttered from their mouths. Cash is King often gets these people discounts at certain savvy outlets, priority service at certain businesses whose client’s waiting list extends beyond their need for a product, and sometimes gets them prime seats at formerly credit-reserved tables at busy restaurants or venues.

Why? Because cash transactions might sometimes translate into inventory spoilage, damaged goods or apologies for over-booking. And why does this certain old-school breed of customers do things in this particular way and after this peculiar fashion? Easy answer, that. They don’t like being in ‘someone else’s pocket’.

The Urban Dictionary states, among other slang, that they mean they have the person in check! Meaning they ‘own’ someone. In Reply to: In my pocket posted by ESC on May 22, 2007says; In football (soccer) we have a phrase “he’s in my pocket” which means I have the better of him.  

Merriam-Webster says “pocket” can mean a small bag. If you have someone in a bag, etc., he is in your control. Think of someone won over by a bribe or other financial interest.


Pending payments of bills can get to be a nuisance. A nagging little demon that mounts your shoulder every morning whispering ‘Don’t forget to paythispaythispaythis. . .’!

Past-due invoices start with that red stamped invoice and eventually, if not satisfied, that little demon morphs into incessant phone calls -during supper, or coitus – some silky, accented voice from some other country reminding you that your whatever will be terminated if you don’t pay right now. That soothing, lilting voice uttering, “We’d reeeaaaalllllyyyyy hate to send it to COLLECTIONS!!!!!”

Small potatoes, really. Shallow pocket things. Easy to rectify with a short climb.                      


But what about ‘Deep Pockets’                                                   

Merriam-Webster defines Deep Pockets as meaning; A person or an organization having substantial financial resources. A person or organization having substantial financial resources especially for the purpose of paying damages. Hmmmm. Or for the purpose of causing damages?

I think, dear reader that we both know where this is heading. Well, I do because, er, I’m writing it.

Merriam-Websters Definition of corruption is; dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people. Depravity. Inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means, such as bribery. A departure from the original or from what is pure or correct. Decay, Decomposition. (Edited for brevity)


Bbbbbbuut what happens if they were to cobble the three items together?

What happens when you cobble that nagging demon into an evil composite and, once completed, attach unseemly, ugly appendages like, uhm, say, er, 70 years of planning and execution and uhm-err, Under-Age Honey Pots (look it up) and an ‘in the deep pocket’ legacy media, and er, an evil agenda and ahhh, (sorry for using all your conversational woolgathering pauses, Justin) generational profiteering, and er ,uh, ahhh, massive profits, and uhh, maybe Psychological Operations and ooh-eee-ooh-uh-uh- (ching-chang-,walla- walla-bing-bang [Yeah, I know]) a monetary printing press, aannd maybeeee even stolen, rigged elections?

What would happen if this cobbled creature was shocked into life by some Who-everStein, like the ever-benevolent and divisive George Soros, or the ever-evil groomer, Klause Schwab and mercenary-style law enforcement and then given all the weapons ever made, and an eternal Russian Threat and sneaky, night-crawling, rioting, city-burning ground troops.

These types of deep pockets gather no lint and they’re so slippery inside with the congealing blood of their willing victims that they are inescapable. And no annoying phone calls here. Oh no.

Past Due at this level means you die – painfully. And so do your loved ones, your associates, your contacts your finances. So does your culture, your society, your faith and your country.

Even writing about it can get you suicided.


Ah well. The worthwhile price of sleeping soundly at night. . . and being in nobody’s pocket.

Maurice St. Jean

Managing Editor,


*Ching, Chang, Wallawalla Bing Bang) The Purple People Eater.    Sheb Wooley’s “The Purple People Eater.”                                                                   People Eater. Hmmmm.

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